See what industry professionals have to say about Huda and Me.

‘Huda and Me is a fresh and tender tale that will leave an imprint on your heart. This book will make you chuckle, gasp and may leave you teary-eyed. I’m sure readers will relate to Akeal’s hilarious and loving family, led by the loud and proud Huda. I absolutely adore this book and can’t wait for this fresh voice to be unleashed in the kid lit scene!’
Oliver Phommavanh
Author, comedia, teacher, gamer, nerd!
A charming, delightful and original story that kept me smiling the whole way through. Hayek has created a cast of unique and memorable characters – from the precocious, funny, daring Huda, to the big-hearted, patient Akeal, to the intriguing Aunt Amel. What I love most about this story is its mischief, its spirit of adventure and its irresistible invitation to young readers to embrace a story that is familiar at times, and wonderfully fresh and new at others.’
Randa Abdel-Fattah
Australian Author
‘Big adventure, big laughs and big heart. Huda and Me is exactly what #OzMG needs more of. One minute you’re laughing out loud and the next you’re wiping away a cheeky tear. Hayek delivers everything contemporary middle grade could hope for. Cheeky, hilarious, heartfelt and with an authenticity only #OwnVoices authors can offer, Huda and Me will have you on the edge of your aeroplane seat!’
Nat Amoore
Children's Author and Podcast Host
‘Sparkling with mischief, adventure and family love, Huda and Me is a gem of a story. Hayek writes with warmth, humour and a keen understanding of children’s capacity for loyalty and courage. A brilliant new talent in Australian children’s literature.’
Kirsty Murray
Author of Children's Fiction